RKZ – The Making Of… Jhené’s Song

RKZ - Jhené's Song

UK artist RKZ gives us a run through of the making of his upcoming track, Jhené’s Song.

Allow us to give you some background information before we continue: RKZ ADORES Jhené Aiko and with six days to go before Jhené’s Song is released, he managed to get a follow back from her on Twitter. Top stuff. While you wait for the single, you can check out his “making of” video with producer Gifted The Great who produced the track. RKZ and Gifted talk about the creative process of the song as well as what emotions were felt during the songwriting stage. Seeing both the singer and producer talk so candidly about how it all came about is great to see, proving that musicians can be more than just celebrities with egos.

Stream it below.

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