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RKZ’s Round Up #2


The second edition of RKZ’s Round Up sees the musician give props to the likes of Jhené Aiko, Taylor McFerrin and Vicktor Taiwo.

Considering how temperamental the weather has been this past May, I selected five songs that varied in feel and mood, teasing into the experimental. Without further ado, this is what made my playlist tick.

Jhené Aiko – Stay Ready (J Henny Verse)


Contrary to what you’re probably thinking, I didn’t pick Jhené because I love her and think everything she does is perfect. It just happens that in this case, it’s true. Again. I mean come on, she’s RAPPING. And rapping whilst keeping her trademark sound. Note: J Henny isn’t her alter ego but rather her on that Hennessy, cuh.

If You’re A Fan Of: Me. Or Jhené. Or Kendrick.

Leo Kalyan – Breathe


Another one of these Soundcloud gems, Breathe – co-produced by Kalyan and Kirk Spencer – is a reflectively mellow, melancholic joint with haunting melodies throughout. The airiness of Kalyan’s vocal compliments all elements of the production – from the bass up to the synths and pockets of guitar. A very good soundtrack to sombre and introspective moods.

If You’re A Fan Of: XO, Ghostpoet

Sinead Harnett – No Other Way


I first heard Sinead through her collaborations with Disclosure and Ryan Hemsworth. Her latest offering, No Other Way, oozes of India.Arie and I absolutely love that. Her voice is beautifully comforting and you can’t help but nod along while she reassures you that you’re actually quite alright a person. Love.

If You’re A Fan Of: Majestic Casual, India.Arie, Ryan Hemsworth

Taylor McFerrin feat. Robert Glasper & Thundercat – Already There


Taylor McFerrin. The name alone probably leaves most music heads eager, excited and sonically awake. So when McFerrin collaborates with Rob Glasper and Thundercat, you know something amazing just happened. To be a fly on the wall of this session, man. Sit back and let Already There take you on a ride you’ve probably not been on in a while.

If You’re A Fan Of: Black Radio, Experimental, Jazz

Vicktor Taiwò – Paradise Island


Rarely am I blown away by lyrics first when listening to a new song but Paradise Island is breath-taking. The opening verse reads: “Your mother’s eyes are filled with grief, this barren land is all she sees. / Life cannot grow where Man has been but inside you, you still believe, / in Love.” Vicktor’s voice – bearing subtle resemblance to Kwabs – brings a sense of maturity, all the more fitting over a choppy-yet-spacious production by Felix.

If You’re A Fan Of: Kwabs, Anjehlis, Funkadelic Space Jam