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RKZ’s Round Up #3


RKZ’s Round Up returns for the third time starring Common, Iamsu and James Fauntleroy.

Guess who’s back in the motherfu’in hooouse! I was gone for a while but I’m back with a double-barrelled instalment of my Round Up! Combining June and July, I’m giving you some incredible shouts for the summer season. As always, the records are in alphabetical order, and I’ve kept the descriptions a little more concise to allow for more inclusions!

AR2, Jeni Suk, Iamsu – Don’t Let Me Down


If you haven’t heard of Jeni Suk, you’re in for a treat. A multi-faceted musician with an incredibly sultry voice, Don’t Let Me Down was my JAM for more or less every single moment of the day, night and everything in between.

Common, Jhené Aiko – Blak Majik


Because it’s Common’s new record from his new record and Jhené’s featuring. Like, c’mon. This was always gonna be included.


A comment on this track read “my ears are producing semen!”

Ella Frank – Homie Lover Best Friend

I had the pleasure of watching this killer vocalist perform last year at a show in London, and she had the entire place feeling some type of way. It’ll probably explain why Homie Lover Best Friend amassed over 10k plays in a couple of days. Shout out to Jay Prince on production, too – dude seems to be on everything relevant at the moment.

Fakear, O’Kobbo – Two Arms Around You

The first time I heard this it felt like I was floating over the Amazon at night. That probably doesn’t explain anything at all. The effortless vocal compliments the earthy production well: a great soundtrack to summer nights.

FKJ x Jordan Rakei – Learn To Fly

LISTEN. Jordan Rakei can do no wrong in my book. To me he’s the male version of Jhené (note: nothing is similar about their music aside from the fact that I love it). The swing and groove in FKJ’s production is so smooth I probably would’ve added it to the list even without the Australian crooner singing over the top. All in all it’s brilliant and you need to buy it.

James Fauntleroy – Mo’nin

Music continues to involve with new sounds being created every day, it seems. Sometimes however, the basics are all you need. Enter James Fauntleroy, and his guitar.

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang

People that know me know I’m a sucker for powerful vocals, so when I discover a record with Jessie AND Ariana on it – believe I’m all over that. It’s not hip hop but it’s so fucking great there’s no way I’m not including it.

Malia – Satisfaction

I discovered this record through The Soul Diaries and have had it in my playlist since. Another simple and stripped back jawn, the LA-based songstress serenades listeners with Satisfaction. Reminds me a little of Obenewa, too.

Samm Henshaw – Best Song Ever

Samm is crazy talented – do not get that twisted for a second – he sounds like he’s from the Ray Charles era of timeless music. So you can imagine my intrigue when he said he was covering a One Direction joint. However, his version sounds SO many worlds apart that I’m struggling to justify calling it a ‘cover’. It demands attention the way any of his other records do. Incredible.

Vainsmith – Ode To Denzel

Has Denzel heard this yet? Great word play and flow, which is expected from the incredible Virginia-based spitter. It’s only a minute and a half long, but it’s still an essential record. Watch this space.