RKZ’s Round Up #4


RKZ is back for his fourth Round Up featuring Basement Jaxx, Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar.

Gather round, get comfortable, stick your headphones on and zone out for the evening. I’m keeping this month short and sweet with a music hit-list full of smooth, powerful, resonating gloriousness.

Barney Artist – Space

I absolutely LOVE the production on this joint, the concept, and the simplicity of it all. Barney Artist, as he goes by, doesn’t oversell it because he really doesn’t need to. He breathes over the record with simple flows and incredibly subtle BVs. Another one to sit back and zone out to. Honourable mention to Tom Misch.

Basement Jaxx – Galactical

Basement Jaxx are heavyweights and Galactical emphasises why. The new album JUNTO is badass, and this offering is an absolute beast. The 808s are out of this world (one would even call them Galac- I’ll stop), there are cowbells, vocal samples, gameboy-sounding synths.. y’get the point. The Hadaya Turner-directed visuals are trippy as hell, for good measure. I kinda want MIA to go off on a tangent over this.

The Code x G-Eazy – Gravity

I’m not gonna deny it, I’m really, really late on G-Eazy. In fact, this was the first record of his I’ve come across. This record by The Code featuring the Bay Area rapper has elements of The Weeknd, 40, Drizzy/Weeknd’s The Zone and a sprinkling of Jai Paul for added measure. Weirdly, there’s still a strong originality to it, underlined by G-Eazy’s monotone-flow. It’s got him high on the Soundcloud playlist, believe.

Flying Lotus x Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me

I need Luke’s way of words for this record, and I’m sure he’ll break this down at some point soon. (If not, he has no choice BUT to now). Listen to this joint now and let it send you on a trip you ain’t ever experienced before.

Jay Prince – Polaroids

Dude can do no wrong and Polaroids further emphasises that. Self-produced, written and performed, I love how catchy his hooks are. I also love that he KNOWS this, because it’s the first thing he introduces you to. Very smooth, a lotta groove and if you didn’t know he was a Londoner, you’d probably be forgiven thinking he’s from somewhere by the way of West Coast.

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