VIDEO: Robert Howsare – Drawing Apparatus


Vinyl records as drawing apparatus? That’s the idea behind Robert Howsare’s new artwork.

Records certainly have their uses, the obvious one as a music format. Some people have even melted them and used them as bowls but to draw things? That’s crazy talk. But not so, as Robert Howsare demonstrates in his video, Drawing Apparatus. Robert is a “printerdisciplinary artist who utilizes nontraditional matrices and processes to explore the anomalies that occur within systems”. In this context, that means he used two vinyl records going round a pair of turntables to find any inconsistencies. As you watch through the video, you may see what those “anomalies” are, as the drawings don’t take the regular circular shape you’d expect from a couple of decks. Quite a fascinating watch if you’re into that sort of thing (and we are).

Stream it below.

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