Schwarz Dont Crack – Charade


German duo Schwarz Dont Crack put on a Charade with their latest single.

As self-monikered ‘RnB Ravers’, Berlin duo Schwarz Dont Crack have ventured into relatively unchartered waters since their inception in 2011, and as their debut release with Kitsuné Records, ‘Charade’ is a beginning within a beginning for the twosome. Whilst the lyrics of the track are nothing revelatory (‘a girl’s hidden identity which she only reveals when the sun goes down’ is the blurb), it is the sounds behind the capable vocals which drag the ear in here. Haunting, discordant electronics and a light footed drum machine beat create the aura of something which is neither ‘Rave’, nor ‘RnB’, and yet draws you in for just a few minutes of spaced out aural entertainment.

The single is available on the Kitsuné website as an EP but you can download the Adana Twins remix and Schwarz Dont Crack’s own Charade minimix below for free.

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