Scott Xylo – Ridley Scott


The UK’s Scott Xylo tries out a new style in 2014 with his space-inspired Ridley Scott.

Trying something new is one of the hardest things to do as a producer, especially in hip hop if you’ve established a certain type of style that your listeners love. Scott Xylo decided to do just that with his latest beat tape, Ridley Scott, a cosmic affair of the highest order. Elements of Flying Lotus, Asiro, KVZE¬†and even some early 4hero (intentional or otherwise) can be heard pulsing throughout the album. From the ordered chaos of opening gambit Constellation Of Prometheus to deep vibes of [anakin], Ridley Scott is a superb body of work and if electronic ambience is your bag, you’ll have this on repeat.

Stream/download it below.

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