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Shabba Ranks To Make A Comeback In 2014?


Well, we weren’t expecting this. Two-time Grammy winner Shabba Ranks is looking to release a comeback album next year.

With a name that has now become something of a wolf call, Shabba Ranks can’t really escape the success he garnered from signature tune Mr. Loverman. The song helped him to win his first Grammy for album As Raw As Ever in 1992 and then another for Xtra Naked in 1993. Since then, via a controversial homophobic rant on British TV, he achieved moderate success until his last album in 1999. The last I heard of Shabba Ranks was on Busta Rhymes’ Clear The Air with Akon but not much else (although A$AP Ferg paid homage with his trap joint, “Shabba”). Well, get ready for things to change as Ranks has an album in the works for the first time in 15 years. Who would you want to feature on that? Let us know.

(via Urban Islandz)