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Sho Baraka – Talented 10th


ATL rapper Sho Baraka drops Talented 10th.

It was MLK Day not too long ago and to commemorate the occasion, Sho Baraka dropped his third studio album Talented Xth, his first full-length album as an independent artist. The Christian rapper’s sophomore offering, Lions and Liars, debuted at #15 on the Billboard Hip Hop charts, #3 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts and #14 overall on the iTunes charts back in 2010 so he’s no rookie. The title and idea behind Talented 10th was based on the W. E. B. Du Bois essay of the same name. He gave each track a chapter name based on a famous identity, from Cliff and Claire (Huxtable) to Peter Pan, showcasing his intelligent wordplay over a wide range of powerful beats (and some controversy with the use of strong language on the song Chapter 9 – Jim Crow). With that being said, as this is his third album, he falls into something I like to call the Third Album Theory. I won’t bore you with an full explanation but according to my theory, it’s make or break from here. Judging by how this sounds, I’ll be shocked if this doesn’t takeSho Baraka to a higher plateau.

Stream Ali, a cut from the LP below.