TECHNOLOGY: Smirnoff Mindtunes


There is no mistaking that music can come from the mind as well as the soul but imagine making music with your mind only. That’s where Mindtunes comes in…

Needless to say every track ever made is the result of a stimuli, be it hearing a break in a track (for us Samplefacers), having “happy accidents” when jamming on an instrument or communicating how you feel at a certain moment in time. Mindtunes is a wonderful project brought to you in conjunction with alcohol brand Smirnoff and DJ Fresh, The mere mention of this idea gave me goosebumps and every time I’ve seen it in action, it’s had the same effect. What Smirnoff and DJ Fresh have done is drafted in leading experts from around the world and given paraplegics the chance to create music with the power of their mind, using specific emotional responses to correspond to an element of the track from drums to synth and beyond. This process is called Emotiv EPOC technology. Also involved with the project are the Queen Elizabeth Fund for Disabled People, raising awareness and capital to fund further developments. This will allow access to music to everyone, regardless of disability.

You can stream the full breathtaking documentary about Mindtunes below and if you wish to contribute, buy the track on iTunes or watch the official music video.

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