VIDEO: Solange – Locked in Closets


Solange gives us a mini video teaser for her new track, Locked In Closets.

For some, it would seem impossible to make a name for yourself with a sister as globally renowned as BeyoncĂ© but that doesn’t hamper Solange at all. They both toe different stylistic lines: Solange toes more of a electronic line with something of a cult following while BeyoncĂ© has the pop and R&B worlds wrapped round her finger presently. With that being said, Solange still gains the acclaim she deserves and she continues that trend with her latest mini video teaser for Locked In Closets. According to Pinboard, She chose to collaborated with Absolut Tune, fashion community Refinery29 and director Alan Del Rio Ortiz for the video. The track was taken off her True EP, where she showed off her prowess for the new wave stylings of the 80s.

Stream it below.

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