Soul Beats For Lonely Nights – Tarik Sabar


Tarik Sabar is a zealous vinyl record collector and outstanding soul-music producer. To create his music, he works with the Roland MV8800 hardware workstation and a MIDI keyboard.

It can be quite a test for 1 to find true FRIENDSHIP. At times this leaves 1 in the state of being lonely.  Even amongst a crowd of a thousand, 1 can experience the oft-hidden weight of loneliness, an unsatiated  longing for the implications of love and complete understanding. While loneliness is a common sensation, it is uncommon for 1 to declare the existence within. Saying so may unmask the vulnerable feeling apparent in emotional displays of love and sadness, thereby muddying 1’s ego. 1’s claim of being lonely may also effect pity from some who were lonely, only last night. Their reasons would sound off as the blues of old—- undying tales relevant across generations.

Stream and download below if you like it.

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