Soundcloud Helps You “Find The Drop™”


Soundcloud implements a new feature to their streaming service, but is it all that it seems?

The jury may still be out for some Soundcloud users over the change in UI since December but there might be a new feature to grumble about. Today, Soundcloud have found a “solution” to music listeners who don’t like big music intros. “Find The Drop™” (yes, the ™ is on purpose) uses special algorithms to find the precise point where the drop of a song starts, helping you skip all that “unnecessary” stuff at the beginning of a song.


Except it might all just be a hoax. The guys over at Stoney Roads say it’s an April Fools joke and after you give it some thought, that would probably make more sense. It’s a day early and not especially funny so maybe the April Fool is Soundcloud, but I digress.

(via Stoney Roads)

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