NEWS: Stevie Wonder Announces Two New Albums For 2014 With One More In The Works


Motown legend Stevie Wonder announces two new albums for 2014, one of which containing rap elements and another album in the works.

If Stevie Wonder was a professor of the universe, he’d have tenure in music. That being said, he hasn’t released a new album since 2005’s A Time To Love so when we heard from Potholes In My Blog that he would be dropping not one but THREE new LPs, our eyes lit up like Christmas lights.

“I listen a lot to rap, and I’m inspired to take it, to use it in another way, to get the message across.” – Stevie Wonder

Two of the three will be released in 2014, one titled “When the World Began” which is a collaboration with producer David Foster (who has worked with Seal, Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child and a lot more) and “Ten Billion Hearts”. The third one is still a work in progress and serves as a tribute to his late mother, Lula. But before all that, Stevie will be performing GOAT album contender “Songs In The Key of Life” in its entirety for the first time at the 18th Annual House Full of Toys benefit concert in Los Angeles in December. Yep, the WHOLE ALBUM. We can’t wait to see footage of that.

(via Potholes, AllHipHop and The Guardian)

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