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Stream Thundercat’s Apocalypse On NPR Music


Thundercat’s sophomore album Apocalypse is now available to stream via NPR Music.

A week before its official release, Thundercat’s Apocalypse is all ready for you to stream at NPR Music. The cosmic bass extraordinaire has been doing the rounds in the music business, working with Suicidal Tendencies, Erykah Badu and Flying Lotus, the co-producer of the album alongside Mono/Poly. Apocalypse was written soon after the untimely death of fellow Brainfeeder member Austin Peralta and that impression can be felt in places, but when Bruner wants you to get the funk out of your seat, he does it with emphatic skill on tracks like “Oh Sheit It’s X”.

Stream the full album at NPR Music and if you need reminding of what this guy is capable of, stream For Love I Come below.