NEWS: Sun Ra Gets Writing Credit On Lady Gaga’s Venus


The late Saturn-born jazz musician receives some credit from Lady Gaga as she quotes Sun Ra on her track, Venus.

Jazz avant-gardes often become playthings for the rich and artsy; the more eccentric the better. Whether that was the intention here or not is questionable (excuse my cynicism) but Lady Gaga gave a meat dress curtsy to Sun Ra on her single “Venus”, giving the late legend writing credit. In the current climate of not giving credit, it’s only fair Sun Ra was paid his dues. So what did Gaga take? The first line from Sun Ra’s “Rocket Number Nine” – “Rocket Number 9 take off for the planet Venus / Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Up in the air!”. Let’s hope listeners give his discography a closer look.

Stream them both below.

(via The Wire)

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