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SONG FOR SUNDAY #77: Tall Black Guy – Sade’s Taboo (Sweetest Taboo Blap-Up)


Tall Black Guy added another fine Sade flip to the list of all time dope Sade flips back in March. This week, it’s our Song for Sunday.

The woman legally known as Helen Folasade Adu but better known as Sade has been exuding mysterious sex appeal and acted as the focal point of her band of the same name since the early 80s. There is no one on the land with a bad work to say about either her or the band’s music and that has lent itself to some fantastic samples. One such work belongs to Tall Black Guy and his flip of Sweetest Taboo is our Song for Sunday this week. While TBG has given the track his own unique flavouring, this still feels like it could be a Sade song which is a testament to whatever alien life force she’s generating.

Stream it below.

(via egotrip)