TECHNOLOGY: Apple Release Logic Pro X Update


Good news for Logic Pro users: Logic Pro X is finally available via the App Store.

Logic Pro is one of the most well known and most used digital audio workstations in the business and despite Pro Tools being the industry standard, a large number of producers regardless of level have used it as part of their laptop/studio arsenal. If you’re one of them, this news should be music to your ears as Apple have announced Logic Pro X is now available to download. Upon first look, you’ll notice the interface has changed to stay inline with Apple’s iOS desktop-style look of their software. Personally, it just reminds me of Garageband in dark grey but that’s just me and it might be more attractive to those who felt the UI’s for Logic Pro 9 were more of a deterrent. The update will cost $199.99 (£139.99) and requires you have at 10.8.4 or later and at least 35GB on your hard drive for all the extras. In terms of backwards compatibility, Logic Pro X will be able to open files from as far back as 5 but if you’re using any 32-bit plugins, they won’t be working on X as they only allow 64-bit.

Find out more on the Apple website, read the latest review on Macworld and download Logic Pro X via the App Store.

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