Written by 9:33 pm Hip Hop

The Auracle – Clever Girl!


Sampleface’s The Auracle leaks a beat from his forthcoming winter project, Audiotography.

“Consider yourself officially put on alert.” – The Auracle

The Auracle does not wait around when it comes to projects. Having released his brilliant debut chewBLACKa in March, we’re still awaiting completion of Seventh Heaven for exclusive release on Sampleface Records and a few other tapes here and there. One of those beat tapes will be called Audiotography with a theme centred around movie score samples. I’ve been lucky enough to see the tracks on the shortlist and you’re in for a real treat. The first track to be let out of the cage so to speak is Clever Girl. Jurassic Park aficionados will be familiar with the title (and subsequent meme) and that’s exactly where the movie score has come from for the sample. The beat? No holds barred – it’s just as majestic as the original score, with a thunderous drum beat and bassline undercurrent.

Stream it below.