The Meganome, A Super-Monome Controller (Technology)


Electronic musician Patrick Flanagan has put together the Meganome, a custom made grid-based controller.

When it comes to music, Minneapolis is usually associated with Prince and all his off shoots and side project bands. But another innovative musician from the Minnesota city is making ways with a unique piece of equipment. Patrick Flanagan has created the Meganome, a custom made grid-based controller inspired by the monome. Now, if you don’t know what a monome is, check out this video with Daedelus using one (it’s the box with the small square buttons at 0:32). The Meganome weighs around 25lbs (just over 11kg),¬†has larger buttons and can be used to trigger drum hits and synth notes, with 60 buttons in total.¬†Flanagan remarks that the layout of the buttons allows easier traversal for the chromatic scale although playing triads prove to be a little more difficult. Still, it’s a pretty ambition piece of musical equipment and the compositions it can produce are spectacular.

Stream it below.

(via Create Digital Music)

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