The Vinyl Library Opens In London


Imagine a library where you could borrow records? Well, that’s now happening in London at The Vinyl Library.

While libraries might be closing in the UK, there’s a new venture in London with a new take on the concept of borrowing media. A volunteer-run vinyl record library in Stoke Newington, North London is offering the public a chance to listen to their favourite records or discover new ones for just £1. The records are all donated and thanks to Elly Rendall and Sophie Austin, “The Vinyl Library” has gained momentum in the community.

“We were DJing UK garage sets and we wanted to build up our vinyl collection. We didn’t have the budget to buy a whole new collection, there’s no vinyl in libraries any more and we have quite eclectic tastes, so we thought: ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have a vinyl library?'” – Sophie Austin, via The Guardian

The Vinyl Library is now open at Unit 1, Foulden Road, London N16 7UU, from 11am-9pm, Monday-Sunday and you can read the full article on The Guardian’s website.

The Vinyl Library on Facebook.

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  1. That is cool. I actually just thought to myself yesterday how it would be cool to have a library or old bookstore as a studio. All the books and all the records, its perfect.

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