This Isn’t All Hip Hop: A Public Service Announcement

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By now, you get a sense of his ignorance and so did a Nicholas Painter, who argued against Bloe’s opinion with some good points; someone who understands there is more to hip hop than YMCMB and MMG. But Bloe continues:

it is a tired and overused genre which has not broken any new ground since the late 1990s. rather, it is a sad and tired image of its former self.

and the spoken word you refer to stands on its own without the need of hiphop/rap and has done so prior to the advent of hip hop/rap.

i have listened to great hop hop/rap. the 80s and 90s were replete with excellent artists who truly pushed the envelope of creativity. epmd, tribe called quest, biggie, mob deep, cypress hill, krs1,chubb rock, public enemy, nas… i could go on and on.

today’s hip hop/rap is not fit for the sewer. my statement stands. why would anyone, homosexuals or otherwise, want to be a part of this genre of music?

Oh, boy. “has not broken any new ground since the late 1990s”. Are you serious? So, Dilla’s ever-changing style until his death didn’t even make a dent in your flawed logic? Madlib, DOOM, Flying Lotus, The Roots… I could go on and on. And the last part is just stupid. Within every genre of music, there’s a level of discrimination, implicit or explicit. Sometimes, you just have to read between the lines. Pop music is hardly a microcosm of feminism and purity. Why would homosexuals or otherwise want to be part of ANY genre of music then? Yet again, generalisation. Unfortunately, when trying to look for examples of misogyny in music, most of the links pointed towards hip hop music. Granted, it’s there and has been for a long time but it’s not the only one. These guys need telling.

Another commenter argued against Bloe and made a valid point: Just because you no longer know where the good stuff is doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The good music is there and always has been. People need to realise (like I eventually did) that there was trash in the 80s and 90s just like today, but it just didn’t sell as much. I used to be an advocate of the “music sucks now” rhetoric until I did my research. If I can do it, a fan of only a few years, a seasoned DJ like Mr Bloe certainly can. By this time, he reveals his trolling intentions and he claims to be up on the new stuff but still bangs on about there not being much “in the way of original and new music in the genre of hip hop”. The conversation died out soon after.

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