This Isn’t All Hip Hop: A Public Service Announcement


So, what did I/we learn here? Perhaps it was the fact that ignorance is what’s really rife in hip hop. It takes different forms, whether it be misogyny or homophobia, but it’s also prevalent in the intake of the other side of the game. A lot of the music in my favourite albums of the year list from 2012 came from Bandcamp and independent channels. If you really cared for the genre and felt so strongly about the direction it was taking, you’d realise the choices you possessed:

1. Make that change © Michael Jackson
2. Find people who have

There is no use seeing hip hop through rose-tinted glasses. I’m sorry to break the news but the 80s and 90s are over. I didn’t grow up on A Tribe Called Quest, De La and the like (unfortunately) and parts of me wish I had the opportunity but I’m excited for some of the artists making moves in the present. But the important thing to remember is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and if you’re just going to summate radio hip hop artists as the be all and end all, you’re going to be forever disappointed. A bit like thinking Tribe, De La and Public Enemy was all the hip hop you’d ever need. Educate yourself.

Thank you for listening.

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