THROWBACK THURSDAY: Jan Terri – Losing You

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Jan Terri - Losing You

We go back to 1993 to see the “worst music video ever” in this week’s Throwback Thursday.

On Sampleface, we make sure you get the best music, videos and cultural news we can find but occasionally, we let it slide when it’s in the name of humour. This is one of those times. Back in 1993, a Chicago musician named Jan Terri (born Janice Spagnolia) released her debut album Baby Blues and one song to come off the LP was Losing You. Now, the music isn’t anything special; if anything, it’s a little dated for 1993 with shades of 80s power rock and mediocre vocals from Terri but it’s the video that really “lets it down”. Terri’s miming was hilariously bad to the point of her miming to completely different lyrics at one point. Hate on Beyoncé all you want for her inauguration performance, but this was THE worst. The cameraman also gets a special mention for his drunken zooming and nonsensical choice of shots. If you fancy a laugh tonight, come check this video. To think, she was once an opening act for Marilyn Manson…

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