VIDEO: Thundercat – Tron Song

Thundercat - Tron Song

Here is the video to Thundercat’s Tron Song, dedicated to his cat and featuring the most warped visuals you’ll probably see all year.

There’s a collective deranged style of humour from those associated with Adult Swim and it just so happens two members of that clique have joined forces to make a video. As part of JASH’s “$5,000 Video” series (where a comedian and a rapper/musician use $5,000 to make a video), Thundercat and Eric Andre put together a crazy video for Tron Song from TC’s 2013 debut album Apocalypse. In a world of high quality aesthetics used to extend the aural experience of an artist’s music, the visuals for Tron Song ignore everything you’d expect and hit you hard with a demented cat, Thundercat downing a bottle of cod liver oil (that’s not even funny because I had to drink that everyday when I was a kid and it was NASTY) and a trip through Tron’s anus (supposedly).

Stream it below. Just not while you’re eating.

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