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TimeLess One – Robots On DMT (Feat. Natasha Kozaily)


TimeLess One drops Robots On DMT on to Soundcloud from his latest album, In Places Unknown.

We told you about TimeLess One a few weeks back when he dropped Sn00py. Not long after that article was published, the Portland producer dropped In Places Unknown, an adventure in mystical ambient soundscapes. One of the cuts from that album is Robots On DMT, featuring vocals from Natasha Kozaily. The presence of Flying Lotus’ inspiration is apparent with its off-kilter rhythm and congruent sound effects. Video games of the 16-bit era have also clearly given TimeLess One some ingenuity, allowing him to expand on that sound palette with thumping kicks and short snares. All in all, Robots On DMT has some repeat value.

Stream it below and download In Places Unknown on Bandcamp.