THROWBACK THURSDAY: Tina Turner Performance & Interview (1989)

Our Throwback Thursday video features Tina Turner and a surprise magic trick.

Tina Turner, France and magic. If I asked you how those three things were linked, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell me (unless you were a stan). Travel back to 1989 and the connection can be made. Tina was a guest on 80′ French talk show Sacrée Soirée (Sacred Night). She performed Look Me In The Heart, with those trademark dance moves, before being interviewed by presenter Jean-Pierre Foucault via a pair of earphones and an interpreter. Pretty normal for a non-Francophone on a non-Anglophone show. That is until after the interview when Tina was asked to take part in a magic trick, live on set. What she didn’t know was that the trick was related to her. Peep the video to see how.

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