HIP HOP FIND: Tinyman – Orphan Flow Vol.3


Our Hip Hop Find today is Tinyman’s Orphan Flow Vol.3.

Not even a second after listening to Orion’s Break 1 (Uno Esta Flip), I found this gem by London rapper Tinyman. The beat – produced by Steve Knight (@MrKnyt) – starts out quite simple with a slightly off beat rhythm but it’s Tinyman who adds the elaborate complexity with his fast paced but intricate wordplay and flow. This is actually the third part of the Orphan Flow series, so you should check out the preceding instalments, because if this is anything to go by, Vol.1 and 2 will be pretty dope. There’s also an accompanying video, showing Tinyman flowing in and out of a club at night. Again, pretty simple but still deadly.

Stream “Orphan Flow Vol.3” below.

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