VIDEO: Trailer For Hip Hop Documentary “Sample This”

A documentary about a sample? How could we NOT showcase it here?! The sample in question is the famous and influential Apache by the Incredible Bongo BandIf you don’t think you know it, play it and you’ll realise that you do, if not by name. DJ Kool Herc used it at his block parties for b-boys to dance to and as part of his regular sets. It’s one of the cornerstones of hip hop culture and music, so needless to say it deserves a whole film dedicated to its grandeur. But what you may not know is the infamy surrounding it all.

SAMPLE THIS is the true story of how an unknown music producer and the greatest studio musicians of the 70′s entwined to create one of the most influential albums in history.

If not for the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, it might never have happened. The gunshots that rang out in the Ambassador Hotel kitchen in June of 1968 started a music revolution. It’s the story of a band that never was, a cult movie and revolutionary music from the streets of New York. A pop culture odyssey that includes Charles Manson, a former Beatle and an infamous mobster.

Yes, you read that correctly: If not for the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, it might never have happened. What the death of JFK’s brother has to do with Apache I have no clue but the fact that it also involves Charles Manson, a former Beatle and a mobster makes it sound more like The Italian Job than a hip hop documentary. This is why you need to watch it. Anyone attending the Austin Film Festival on 21st October will be lucky enough to get a premiere viewing so if you’re down, make sure you do and let us know how it was.

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