VIDEO: V3RB – Streets Talk

V3RB tells us how the Streets Talk in his new video.

When I wrote this joint, I chose not to use a bunch of word-play or punchlines in an attempt to just get straight to the point – V3RB

Streets Talk is the third single off Cali spitter V3RB’s debut album Standing Ovation. He calls it a “reflection of his direct-side as an artist” and he conveys that brilliantly. The visuals fit this sentiment very well with the starkness of his lyricism and delivery in front of a brightly lit backdrop of the city at night. This is thanks to director¬†Daniel “Rusher” Ruczko and producer¬†OC The Kidd of 83 Sound who provided the music for this manifesto – “People are watching your moves and whether their good or bad, you can always count on the streets to talk and tell the story.” The streets are talking and we hear them loud and clear.

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