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VIDEO: Inside The Mind And Studio Of Just Blaze


It’s only right that “Just Blaise” should post about the inner workings of the “Just Blaze” studio experience. We look deeper into what has been keeping him occupied…

For years, every time I would introduce myself to someone (who especially liked hip hop) it would be proceeded with the infamous “Just Blaze” tag line that is synonymous with all of Justin Smith’s epic creations. From hip hop classics (Jay-Z “Song Cry“) to trap collaborations (Baauer “Higher“), he continues to expand on his creativity and craft and Producer Outlet gives us a sneak peak at what he has been up to.

Truth be told after doing a little research, I’d discovered he was a lot more prolific than I’d realised. Despite hearing and meeting both Just Blaze and Alchemist at their beat battle at The Garage in North London, it still surprises me how sick Just Blaze continues to get considering he has been in the game for so long now. They both have classics, without a shadow of a doubt, but I just think some of Alchemist’s beats bring back more memories for me. On the flip side, Just Blaze always has the ability to transport me back to a place in time and make me feel über soulful and gets me on a mad hype. But I digress. The video below is the interview I watched today that I needed to share with y’all! It takes you into his studio and JB talks briefly about his journey and the upcoming collabs he has in the bag.

If you were at the last beat battle, comment or tweet us with your thoughts on who you think won. Until, stream the video and enjoy!