Written by 10:50 pm Hip Hop

Virtual Crate Digging With “Digging Into Hip-Hop”


There’ll be no need to get dusty fingers when you’ve tried “Digging Into Hip-Hop”, an online vinyl experience.

You’ve heard of e-digging, well now there’s virtual crate digging. Digging Into Hip-Hop is a site that “offers a virtual record shop experience”, allowing you to “dig” through the crates using your mouse/trackpad and keyboard. Unfortunately, the site is limited to hip hop records and only has two crates of 60 records to choose from, but more are on the way. An intriguing feature is the ability to pull a record of your choice and listen to it through YouTube as well as automatically connecting you to Discogs if you want to buy it. For the purists, this will be absolute hell but if it gives a taste of the real thing to newbies who live far from a record store, what’s the harm?

(via The Vinyl Factory)