VRSYJNES – NoMoreBeer4You


London producer VRSYJNES aka Versechild flips a classic DOOM/Madlib sample into the masterfully crafted “NoMoreBeer4You”.

As you can probably tell, we are big fans of the ‘Metal Faced One’ here at Sampleface and anything that references his work in an inventive way piques our interest. “NoMoreBeer4You” is the latest instrumental from London based producer VRSYJNES (aka Versechild) and he uses the same Huit Octobre 1971 sample by Cortex, a 70’s French jazz fusion, originally used in the Madlib-produced One Beer. However VRSYJNES manages to create a unique vibe wholly different from One Beer. He cleverly uses the filtering of frequencies to conceptually emulate a person drinking too much and descending into a state of inebriation. This was done by cutting the bass and mids leaving only the treble and then subtly boosting the bass with an EQ. The effect represents how drunkenness can affect the senses. The slowing down and fade out at the end of the beat represents an individual passing out from their intoxication.

You can stream and download the instrumental from the link below and follow him on Twitter.

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