THROWBACK THURSDAY: Weird Al Yankovic “Interviews” James Brown

Weird Al Yankovic

Questions with Weird Al and JB included “What was it like the very first time you sat in a bucket full of warm oatmeal?” and “What can you do with a duck that you can’t do with an elephant?”.

When it comes to music parodies, Weird Al Yankovic continues to reign supreme. Alongside his parody videos, he also had his own channel called Al-TV. The channel had all kinds of jokey news stories and his own style of “interviewing”. But his questions were directed at his guests. Scenes of himself and celebrities were pasted together in a way to look like he was in the room with them. In this case, James Brown was the unsuspecting victim. Something else that seems unbelievable is how little Weird Al Yankovic has aged since this video was shot.

Stream it below.

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