Welcome To The Scion iQ Project Museum


Biz Markie talks about his vinyl collection as part of an exhibition for The Scion iQ Project Museum.

The Scion iQ Project Museum aims to spotlight influential and under-recognized musicians, artistic movements and musical communities. As a living site, the Museum will evolve over an extended period of time with new material added to existing exhibits along with the unveiling of new exhibits […]

We need more things like this. As explained above, The Scion iQ Project Museum is a place of cultural, musical and artistic inspiration with hip hop icons like Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane and Prince Paul all involved. Think of it like an overground time capsule. Or just a really cool music museum. In Biz Markie’s video, he quickly goes through his collection of 45s, including a copy of Rapper’s Delight with the original version (which prompts him to beat box a little). Stream it below and check out their website.

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