Written by Luke Alex Davis 1:53 pm Video

When Thundercat Met Michael Jackson (Video Mashup)


So this is what happens when Michael Jackson gets down to Thundercat’s Oh Sheit It’s X.

Having played through Thundercat’s new album Apocalypse (review pending), a thought came to me in between nearly losing my shit listening to Oh Sheit It’s X for the third time in a row – what if Michael Jackson was dancing to this? I’ve put together an MJ mashup video before, for Daft Punk’s Get Lucky but this one is a full on medley of Mike through the ages dancing to arguably the funkiest track of our age (sorry, DP). You’ll have to mute the video on the right and be aware the dancing goes on for longer than the song but for those few minutes they are aligned, it’s a dream to watch.

Stream it on Youtube Doubler and make sure to mute the video on the right.