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SATURDAY MATINÉE: Willie Dynamite (1974)


Before Roscoe Orman played Gordon on Sesame Street, he was a the titular pimp in blaxploitation movie, Willie Dynamite.

Big Daddy Kane once said “pimpin’ ain’t easy” and it certainly wasn’t for Willie Dynamite. The 1974 film of the same name was about a New York pimp fighting his way to be the number one, whilst a social worker tries her hardest to help him clean up his act. As I mentioned earlier, the main character was played by Roscoe Ornman, better known for his role in Sesame Street as Gordon Robinson and has been in that role since 1973. That’s right, he went straight from Sesame Street to pimping within a year. How he kept that quiet I do not know. Since it was a blaxploitation movie about New York City and pimping in the 70s, you’d be right to expect some flamboyant dress sense and Willie Dynamite had LOADS of it. We’re talking bright candy red suits, clover green, white fur-striped brown lamb coats and even some gold up in there too. Let’s just say he wouldn’t have looked out of place at the Rio Carnival.

Also starring in the movie were Diana Sands who played the social worker, Cora, Thalmus Rasulala as Cora’s lover and DA, Daniels, and the delightful Joyce Walker as Willie’s newest prostitute, Pashen. So, to recap, there’s a Sesame Street character rolling around New York City in vibrant pimp outfits in this movie. Do you really need anymore incentive to watch this today?

Stream it below.