HIP HOP FIND: X-Men – Oublie Le Come Back

X-Men - Oublie Le Come Back

A 90’s French hip hop gem by “the artists formerly known as X-Men” is our Hip Hop Find for today.

Normally, we only cover Hip Hop Finds from the past year or so but this one is fifteen years old. If you know about it already, we apologise for covering old ground. If this is as “new” to you as it is to us, keep reading. French duo X-Men (now Les X or “The X” in English) were at their most successful during the 90’s but since the name change (for legal reasons), they’ve been keeping the output steady, after a 6 year gap between 2000-2006. In Feburary, Cassidy from the group announced they were working in the studio on some new material.┬áBack in 1998, they released Jeunes, Coupables Et Libres and Oublie Le Come Back was one of the cuts. Using a smooth George Duke sample, they managed to weave a nice flow with a great beat. I wish I could speak French.

Stream it below.

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