Yancey Boys ft. Frank Nitt – The Throwaway


Illa J and Frank Nitt breath life into a previously unreleased Dilla beat.

You’re really gonna want to listen to this. The vocals of J Dilla’s brother Illa J and Frank Nitt of Frank-N-Dank combine to add fuel to another unreleased Dilla track. Entitled The Throwaway, Frank has speculated that the beat could have come from the mid-90s due to its style and we couldn’t agree more; this could easily have found itself on one of Labcabincalifornia. In some ways, we’re sort of glad about that because of the quality of the rhymes from both MCs and the choice of hook, an homage to Black Sheep no less (listen and you’ll see what we mean). The track is expected for release (digital only, via Delicious Vinyl) on 18th December.

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