• Hip Hop
  • Bugseed – Street Mentality

    Tokyo’s beat maestro bugged shows us his Street Mentality. Some of the best art comes from a limited palette. Street Mentality is such a piece, made up of 12 beats sampling only 5 jazz records. The tracks thread together like an urban tapestry; gritty and unpolished in its limitations. Bugseed thrives in this kind of musical […]

  • Funk
  • J Dilla: Back To The Crib Mixtape


    The unearthing of Dilla treats continues as the Boiler Room release a mixtape of his listening habits. Something a little different from the J Dilla archives in the form of a mixtape but not of his own music. Boiler Room and BBE Records have released an unheard mixtape recorded sometime around the turn of the […]

  • Electronic
  • Crate Capers: Nice (France)

    It’s been a while but our latest edition of Crate Capers comes from Nice, on the south coast of France. This edition came from a visit in March 2015 —– As unpopular as this may sound, I don’t like London. It’s too crowded, too expensive and continuously grey no matter what season you’re in. The […]

  • Hip Hop
  • Nice Nate – Thank You Charles Mingus

    Inspired by Charles Mingus’ iconic ‘Pithecanthropus Erectus’, Nice Nate drops a project dedicated to the late jazz musician. Any album with the tags “sp-303”, “jazz” and “improv” are worthy of our attention. Especially when a name like Charles Mingus is involved. Nice Nate, a producer out in Spokane, Washington, has released an album dedicated to […]

  • Jazz
  • Oscar Laurence – The Abyss

    Oscar Laurence of SumoChief uploads a jazzy solo effort to Soundcloud. This was meant to go out about five months ago but regardless, it remains a gem. You may know Oscar Laurence as a member of SumoChief but a while back, he took to Soundcloud to upload a solo offering. The Abyss is a cool […]