• Hip Hop
  • SumoChief – SumoTreats

    Ashton James Brown takes a look at “SumoTreats”, the latest and greatest from London-based jazzy-hop supremos, SumoChief. The DNA of hip hop has been imbricated with jazz since its birth in the 70s. From the raw drum beats and relentless energy to the intrepid spirit of improvisation, hip hop has both tacitly and overtly sampled from its forbear […]

  • Hip Hop
  • Bugseed – Street Mentality

    Tokyo’s beat maestro bugged shows us his Street Mentality. Some of the best art comes from a limited palette. Street Mentality is such a piece, made up of 12 beats sampling only 5 jazz records. The tracks thread together like an urban tapestry; gritty and unpolished in its limitations. Bugseed thrives in this kind of musical […]

  • Funk
  • J Dilla: Back To The Crib Mixtape


    The unearthing of Dilla treats continues as the Boiler Room release a mixtape of his listening habits. Something a little different from the J Dilla archives in the form of a mixtape but not of his own music. Boiler Room and BBE Records have released an unheard mixtape recorded sometime around the turn of the […]

  • Electronic
  • Crate Capers: Nice (France)

    It’s been a while but our latest edition of Crate Capers comes from Nice, on the south coast of France. This edition came from a visit in March 2015 —– As unpopular as this may sound, I don’t like London. It’s too crowded, too expensive and continuously grey no matter what season you’re in. The […]

  • Hip Hop
  • Nice Nate – Thank You Charles Mingus

    Inspired by Charles Mingus’ iconic ‘Pithecanthropus Erectus’, Nice Nate drops a project dedicated to the late jazz musician. Any album with the tags “sp-303”, “jazz” and “improv” are worthy of our attention. Especially when a name like Charles Mingus is involved. Nice Nate, a producer out in Spokane, Washington, has released an album dedicated to […]

  • Jazz
  • Oscar Laurence – The Abyss

    Oscar Laurence of SumoChief uploads a jazzy solo effort to Soundcloud. This was meant to go out about five months ago but regardless, it remains a gem. You may know Oscar Laurence as a member of SumoChief but a while back, he took to Soundcloud to upload a solo offering. The Abyss is a cool […]