1. a facial expression made when a piece of music is deemed worthy of sampling
    man, I just got the biggest sampleface from this track
  2. the name of a music blog, established in 2012
    I got featured on Sampleface! I’m stoked!

Sampleface is a music sampling blog.

We started on 1st October 2012 with the purpose of bringing sampling culture to the forefront of people’s minds. The name was coined by co-founder Blaise Penny-Kirkwood as a way to describe the facial expression of someone who recognises a sample or hears a song worthy of sampling.

The blog itself was born out of frustration. We wanted to tip scales away from the mainstream content and share our love of sampling and the finest underground talent. Alongside sampling, we also host reviews, guides, and articles on other types of music. We’re all about equality and ensure the marginalised get the exposure and praise they deserve.

As Sampleface, we love sampling, the music it creates, and we hope you can join us on your audible journey.

We face the music.

(Part of the Pandog Media family.)