21 Ways to Become the MacGyver of E-Digging

We gave you a list of 26 “e-digging” channels to find samples but now we have 17 more places to uncover some online gems.

Like it or not, searching the internet for records or samples – or “e-digging” – is becoming a widespread phenomenon amongst the music production community.

The technique has divided many collectors and traditional producers alike but as technology advances and record stores close, it’s something we’ll all have to get used to.

With that said, we’d be fools if we didn’t acknowledge e-digging and give you a little helping hand but not without a warning. The whole idea of online crate digging is to rip the sounds off YouTube or whatever streaming service you choose and because of the illegal nature of this craft, we cannot condone such behaviour. So while we can show you where to find the music, we’d strongly recommend you go out to your local record store or charity/thrift shop and maybe scope out the record (if you have a record player). Alternatively, you can search on websites such as Discogs or eBay for some of the gems and if you don’t own a record player, consider purchasing one as vinyl isn’t completely dead (not in the reissue market anyway). The Numark TTUSB and ION turntables like the ION Audio Air LP offer the ability to convey your vinyl into digital formats.

Below, you will find a list of 20 different channels – YouTube, blogs and even Instagram – for all your e-digging needs. At the very least, each outlet will provide some inspiration for your latest project or collection so “dig” deep and let us know what you find! MacGyver would be pleased with your discoveries.

YouTube channels and playlists

  • ticoinjapan – Specialising in old school rap, Brazil music, R&B, Soul, Funk, Reggae and more.
  • Soulhawk – A treasure trove of old soul 45s.
  • videocorridor – All things Italian.
  • funkdigger91 – The name says it all. German funk, jazz and soul and library music.
  • 123CHEGOUAMINHAVEZ – Brazilian music.
  • Lobbykiller – Lobbykiller excels in his carefully curated playlists. Everything from deep house to German soul to Japanese and British soundtracks. Endless fun.
  • minjamb – Soul records primarily, with extra African, nu jazz and Eastern European flavourings.
  • E-DIGGING’ / REBUSCADA / BUENA-MUSICA-INSPIRADORA – An expertly compiled playlist of some hidden and well-known gems, covering a wide range of genres. With 343 videos, you’re bound to find something that takes your fancy.
  • krautlounge – Rare and obscure records from soul to krautrock to easy listening to jazz, rare B-sides, and plenty of “dollar bin” finds.
  • Funked Up East – Rare records from the old Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries.
  • Obscure Sampology – Although not active, you can still find some obscure samples and rare drum breaks.
  • Subrhythmic: Skylar’s Life & Crates – This is more of a channel ABOUT crate digging but the uploader still puts up rare records he finds and he’s very passionate about the craft. Definitely worth your subscription.


  • DJ LoK – “DJ for 15+ years, DJ for UK rap legend Mystro, record shop worker, beatmaker. Hip hop culture, art, film, sex and videotapes. Muthaluvas!” LoK regularly posts photos of his records and they’re always eclectic.
  • GrandEar – “Beat Maker / Synthesizer Loving / Vinyl Collector / 1/3 of EAST LIBERTY QUARTERS” Another Instagram user heavy with the vinyl pics and we love him for it. Lots of inspiration in there crates.
  • DJ Mr Thing – “DJ, Producer, cake eating film geek.” We featured Mr Thing’s vinyl collection as part of his Nothing Leaves The House release. Don’t “rip and run off” as Cutty Ranks once said but maybe research the records and find some of your own.

Vinyl blogs

  • Derek’s Daily 45 – This blog posts a 45 every day, ripped directly from the record so expect some crackle.
  • Never Enough Rhodes – All about the Rhodes piano with this blog. If you’re a fan of the instrument, this is a must subscribe.
  • The Vinyl Factory – These guys are iconic in British vinyl records as they own the iconic Phonica Records in London and publish FACT magazine, “one of the world’s most popular and influential music websites”. Their vinyl lists are pretty special.
  • The Vinyl Frontier – Puns aside, anything goes with this blog. Worldwide diamonds in the rough and you can preview some of the tracks via YouTube. Any record from any country will likely be in their archives.
  • Vinyl Genius – Similar to The Vinyl Frontier, this blog caters for all tastes and even showcases the occasional beat and drum kit.


As explained in our post, Forgotify is a web app that takes all the unheard songs on Spotify and let’s you play them at random. You may find an untouched sampling gem.

We also wrote an article where you can find 15 more places to e-dig.


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5 thoughts on “21 Ways to Become the MacGyver of E-Digging”

  1. Great article and resource. As much as I love vinyl and sampling from that I can’t deny the deep satisfaction of having a world of sound at my fingertips. Btw my latest track, Terma Notte was done sitting in a very warm hotel room in Italy sampling obscure Soviet-era funk and jazz records. 😀

    1. Yeah, there’s definitely a stigma attached to “e-digging” but I personally do it and no one has noticed the difference haha.

      1. Yeah, I mean in the end it’s just sound waves who cares anyway were they come from? Even Madlib samples Youtube hehehehe

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