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VIDEO: First Word Records – Nothing Leaves The House


Watch as Tall Black Guy, Eric Lau and kidkanevil rifle through Mr Thing’s vast record collection for samples to use on a special First Word Records release for Record Store Day.

We all hope you enjoyed Record Store Day on Saturday. If you were one of the lucky ones to pick up First Word Records’ “Nothing Leaves The House” double 7″, kudos but if you didn’t, here’s what the fuss was all about. Back in November 2013, First Word Records took 3 producers – Tall Black Guy, Eric Lau and kidkanevil – out to Mr Thing’s house and dig through his immense collection of records with a view to sample them and create a beat each. The only condition?

“The guys can sample anything they like, but Nothing Leaves The House…”

Sounds fair. The video shows how each track came to be and gives an insight into what each producer was initially drawn to and why, with cut ins from Mr Thing himself.

Peep the video below and stream each track (including one from Mr Thing himself) after that.

(via egotrip)