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FREE DL: Potholes Music Presents: Robot Soup

Potholes Music - Robot Soup

Potholes Music provides us with some hot Robot Soup.

Robot Soup is the fourth instalment of Potholes Music’s producer showcase series, after the previous entries Cosmic Island, Space Toast and Midnight SnacksKeeping in trend with the other releases, Robot Soup features new and unreleased beats from some of Potholes’ favourite musicians including Thelonious MartinSuzi AnalogueElaquent and B.Lewis. Soup is a dish you’d associate with the cold breezy climate of autumn (or fall for out US counterparts) so for this compilation, the tracks are warm, chilled out and crackly like an open fire.

If that wasn’t incentive enough, Robot Soup is absolutely free (gosh, they’re so kind to us, aren’t they?). But that’s not all, as the superb artwork by Theodore Taylor III has been printed to 50 limited edition posters that you can purchase for just $5 on the Potholes Music Bandcamp page, which is a fair price for some great artwork but not only that, ALL profits will be donated to charity for music education. We said they were kind, didn’t we?

Stream and download Robot Soup below and check out some of the beat maestros on Potholes with the tracklisting below that. Soup-er!

Track listing:

  1. James Pants – “Sailing on Amber”
  2. Starchild – “All is Fall”
  3. Birthday – “Lexus Music”
  4. Elaquent – “Kaddish”
  5. Suzi Analogue – “TooFineDit”
  6. Stacy – “Small Games”
  7. Thelonious Martin – “Real Love”
  8. Sourface – “Guess Who”
  9. Les Professionnels – “Move! (Lushlife Remix Dub)”
  10. Monster Rally – “FJ”
  11. Ben Jamin – “…Offside”
  12. Kidkanevil – “SoOoOoOra”
  13. L!STED – “(P)ills)
  14. KC 2.0 – “Winter Months”
  15. Awkward – “The Last Punch”
  16. Evil Needle – “Falling Leaves”
  17. B.Lewis – “Da Dum”
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