Review: v7v7v7 - The House Next Door

We reviewed v7v7v7’s The House Next Door. The definition of music today is less concrete than ever before. Shoegaze, cloud rap, trip hop, dark ambient, simpsonswave – these are all words I’ve been told aren’t Allied codenames for the Normandy beaches on D-Day but genres of music. Rather than learn the intricacies of each genre, I’ve …

The House Next Door - v7v7v7

Review: Laura Wolfie - 7DS

The UK is becoming a melting-pot for incredibly soulful, innovative British musicians. With Laura Wolfie and her 7DS EP, she seems to be another perfect example. Concept projects seem to be all the rage at the moment and with ‘the seven deadly sins’ in particular being absolutely done to death, Wolfie really needed to knock …


REVIEW: Iron Braydz - Verbal sWARdz

Forget about flying daggers, Verbal sWARdz are coming your way courtesy of Iron Braydz and Taytula Burke reviewed the album for Sampleface. Triple Darkness’ newest member has been digging in the crates to come up with a collection of previously unreleased material that would no doubt have gathered dust on a hard drive somewhere. Depending …