15 More Awesome Places For E-Digging

We’re back with 15 more e-digging channels and playlists.

We’ve had a lot of traffic for our two posts on e-digging (The Top 26 Places For “Online Crate Digging” and 21 Ways to Become the MacGyver of E-Digging) so we thought, why not add some more?

Below is a list of 15 e-digging channels and playlists on YouTube. No doubt there’ll be some broken links among the list but there are over 1,000 tracks to listen to. As time has passed, the stigma around e-digging has disintegrated and it is becoming a more open-source for musical explorations. Nothing beats a dusty crate of vinyl but it’s not the only place to open your mind and your ears.




E-digging videos

Kev Brown Makes A Beat Using the MPC Studio And
E Digging: How to Sample and Record Music Audio off the Internet (High Fidelity Recording)
How to dig for samples to make hiphop beats - Sample Digging 101 - Bentron
7 Ways to Find Samples for Beats | Acapellas, Drum Breaks, and Sample Recordings

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