One To Watch: MUNOZ


Our One To Watch is Chicago producer MUNOZ.

After listening through a couple of tracks by MUNOZ, my first question was: how the hell is this kid only 17? Hailing from Chicago, MUNOZ’s style takes its cue from the schools of Flying Lotus and Madlib with its disregard to audible cleanliness and tight rhythms. While his heavily compressed hip hop is a joy to hear, MUNOZ also pushes his own boundaries with more ambient offerings such as “Awake (Ambient)” and his remix of Migos’ Jumpin Like Jordan. The music isn’t necessarily original but instead, he has tailored his craft and stayed true to his lanes, rather than trying his hand at every genre.

Stream his SoundCloud tracks below.

About Luke Alex Davis

Luke Davis is a music producer and editor of music blog Sampleface. In his spare time, he enjoys watching tennis and football and reading.

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