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Sean Price & Small Professor - John Gotti (feat. AG Da Coroner, Guilty Simpson & Your Old Droog)

86 Witness, the long-awaited collab album from Sean Price (RIP) and Small Professor is just days away. Until then, enjoy the lead single “John Gotti”. We miss Sean Price. But while his physical may no longer be with us, the spiritual lives on and thanks to Small Professor, there’s an upcoming collab album on its way. 86 Witness is …

Sean Price & Small Professor - John Gotti (feat. AG Da Coroner, Guilty Simpson & Your Old Droog)
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Teck-Zilla - Summer Zilla (PREMIERE)

We have the premiere of Teck-Zilla’s latest beat tape called Summer Zilla. This summer has been a scorcher. Between the sweltering heat and the Nigeria’s dope ass World Cup shirt, there’s been a lot to be thankful for. Another Nigerian creative export lighting up this season is Teck-Zilla and we’re thrilled to be premiering his …

summer zilla
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Yung K - Ghost Dog Assassin

Urbvn Architects is a hip-hop collective from Queens and Long Island, New York. After dropping their debut album, Mutual Understandings, and gaining a small following on social media, the trio is getting ready for something new. TRIPLE THREAT EP will be their next release and we have a single. Yung K’s Ghost Dog Assassin is …


ross & clement - coastin

Facebook sucks but sampling groups offer well-needed gems such as ross & clement’s coastin. coastin is a smooth R&B meal with all the 90s-style trimmings. Groove is the main ingredient helped by the sample, Soul II Soul’s Back To Life. There’s a sense of indulgence too, with rich textures and a slow syrupy tempo. Actually, …

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Dutchy! - Mans Not Hot (Remix)

Producer Dutchy aka Dutchmassive lets things simmer with his Mans Not Hot remix. Mans Not Hot ain’t going ANYWHERE. Remixes like this are a testament to the meme’s longevity. When Dutchy’s co-workers discovered he was a producer, they challenged me to make a beat out of Big Shaq’s Mans Not Hot. 15 minutes later, this is …

Mans Not Hot