Written by Luke Alex Davis 8:54 pm Electronic

Hossam Hilal – Overk (PREMIERE)

Hossam Hilal - Overk

This is the premiere of Hossam Hilal’s new EP, Overk.

We’ve covered some Egyptian music in the past from the likes of Al Massrieen and plenty more on Radio Jakarta’s Arab vinyl mix. But today we’re looking at a new artist and his name is Hossam Hilal.

Overk is Hossam’s debut release for ID Spectral, the electronic label headed by Louis Sterling aka Auxx. The EP comprises of 4 tracks, each with their own identity. But Egypt ties them all together:

Set between the hazy desert landscapes of Egypt, to the underground sound-system culture, Hossam Hilal presents us with a collection of rich textural works that hint at styles of world music, packaged with the influences of psychedelic rock, ambience and electronica.

Hurry Up opens the EP with a blend of guitar riffs, reversed melodic samples, and a steady rhythm. It’s like a fine Egyptian wine. Ma Fi Makan packs more sonic grit, with harsher, layered guitar riffs, a reverbed undertone, and traditional percussion in the form of claps and goblet drums. Habitat retains the African drumming with a fusion of musical worlds and textures. Finally, Crippled Down closes the EP with a focus on basslines and delayed metallic synths.

Overk is an EP in its truest sense: it crams a lot into a little. But nothing is damaged in the process. Hossam’s music is organic and off-kilter with his Egyptian heritage as the solid foundations. This is a glimpse into a modern world overlooking millennia of culture.

Stream Overk below and purchase the album on Bandcamp.