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VIDEO: Dizzy Wright – Wherever I Go


Dizzy Wright releases the visuals for his latest track, “Wherever I Go”.

Here at Sampleface HQ, we’ve been following the unstoppable rise and rise of La’Reonte ‘Dizzy’ Wright with peaked interest. Since last October’s Wyclef collab ‘Turned Out Alright’, Dizzy has been busy crafting the ‘State of Mind’ EP, a Funk Volume release which we are delighted to say we will be reviewing on Friday, just in time for your weekend playlist.

The first video cut from the record, ‘Everywhere I Go’, dropped yesterday, marking a heavy step up in production values both audibly and visually since we saw Flint’s newest and brightest protege last. The track is certainly a summer soundtrack with a resonating base heavy beat, irresistible hook and a flow to chill to flow and excite in equal measure. Dizzy looks to his bright future with the record, lyrically, but not without taking the time to look back: ‘Pac may not have changed the world, but I’m the state of mind he sparked’. And as part of the generation touched by the great era of Shakur, Dizzy carries the baton with aplomb on this charging offering.

As for the video, think Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘n’ Night” but with extra soap, squeegees and sex appeal. An all-female car wash isn’t exactly a revelation in the context of the rap video but Dizzy’s youthful swagger and addictive personality is the main attraction, making the long established ‘booty shots’ seem far less of a draw than the man himself (no mean feat, believe us…).

Whet your appetite for the ‘State of Mind’ EP review with the promo for ‘Everywhere I Go’ streaming below.